Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sitting Next To a Dying Man

Last night I went to visit a man, a great man who's widely loved and respected by everyone who knows him.

He was surrounded by close family, watching TV, and he was asking me how "I" was doing, with great detail and interest. I had to strain to make out his words, and fill in the gaps of what I couldn't hear. And it struck me very clearly why he was so loved.

He cared about others more than he did for himself.

He spent most of his life asking people how they were doing, spent it trying to make a difference for other people's betterment.

He was pre-occupied with other people's needs. He was useful to them.

خيركم خيركم لأهله

So you can imagine how much more that is if your concern touched a wider circle of people. I mean, il-Ahl is a flexible term..

All I could do to return his favor of concern was to pray for him the usual sickness prayers and may his pain (which he NEVER showed, and infact was cracking jokes and made US laugh) be 6uhoor and cleansing to whatever sins he had.

أجر و عافية

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