Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movies Guide & 4 year old Painter

Lollipop House

Zane's Dance (her 2 year old brother is named Zane)

This post will be a brief rating from Rotten Tomatoes of this week's new movies at KNCC, and also it will be about this little girl Marla Olmstead.

I watched this documentary "My Kid Could Paint That" about her and her family and how real is her phenomenon. The girl herself is so amazing and innocent, its such a captivating and wondrous story. Please checkout her paintings through her website and google and tell me what you think.

Is she a genius Pollack? or is modern art nothing more than "child's play"?
fascinating question.

Now here's what we have this week:

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 06% from 91 reviews (la y7oshek)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 54% from 150 reviews
(Not Bad, Watchable)


Amethyst said...

I love the "Lollipop House"!

manutdfanatic said...

Insightful question; let's see...I believe it's a bit of both: Art is "child's play" in one way or the other, and this child does seem to be a creative genius what with her age and everything.

Taqo said...

06%??? LOL.

guess who won't be going to see that this weekend :/

FourMe said...

Wow she's amazing! with the lollipop painting she has similar round strokes as Van Gogh! Damn genius

sana3 O mana3 said...

nice post i love the painting :)
well i cant believe this ! i think she is lucky to have her father thats all :)

Fa6ma said...

I watched a documentary about her, of course there were naysayers and they put the child under video cameras and watched her do her thang, and guess what she didn't!?
The parents said that it's because they kept pushing her to finish painting while she wanted to play with her toys and it's not the way she does it, she usually does it when she wants to and not when she's pushed. And the analysts and child psychologist or whoever they were said that they don't believe it's the child's own painting because it's too neat and planned or systematic while a child would pain all over the place more haphazardly.
They also said that it might be that the father was painting them himself because he was a painter too but his paintings weren't popular, but who knows!?

I love the paintings, they're cool =)

Outkasty said...

tekfa il-youm re7t the mist, thekartek .. shhal aflam il-ta3eesa?

Outkasty said...

o il-art, ili yegolon 3anna modern art .. 7adda no comments

Ms. D said...

10,000 BC 3jeeeeb!! u gotta see it to know! dont trust reviews EVER!

falantan said...

amethyst: yeah I like it alot, its very easy on the eye. I don't like the lower half of it though.. 7asafa shakelha she messed up the colors.

manutdfanatic: if you watch the movie you'll understand more. I think it explains alot.

taqo: well in the states you have MUCH more options. here we're stuck with these 2 :P

fourme: yeah I like that one. but I don't think the idea of it is hers.

sana3 o mana3: yes I agree with you. her father definitely had some influence over her I think.

fa6ma: you're right. except I don't agree that the father did them himself. although some of the paintings are just TOO tidy for a kid doodling. and if it WAS the dad painting (as opposed to some coaching, which he also denies) then he's pretty evil. selling them for 20,000$ a piece.

outkasty: lol, mtarjemeena "ithabaab ilmoreee3"!! geltlech check the rating gabel.
bs some of the paintings are nice to look at.

Ms.D: I confess I saw it. bs kent ma3zoom. well ok, it has some nice grafix and monsters. but it was SILLY. it grabs your intelligence and slaps it around and laughs at it.
- they speak english BUT with a "cave-man" accent lol.
- all the men and women have dreadlocks. laish?
- woolly mammoths in the desert??? msakeen eseroon "mandi"!
- they follow a river and get LOST??? its a river!!
- I had no idea indian priests reached ancient egypt.

Ms. D said...

haaw shfeek the earth was a different piece of land back then.. makanat bilshakil elly el7en.. ana hatha elly estantajta ;p bs a7la shy elfer3oon! wana min awal ma yaw elbuwawga asarekh AKED FARA3iNA weya ki7lat`hom ow ekhty ow ekhoy egolon la.. lama 6ala3 elharam i was screaming AHAAAA!!! GETLEEKOOM! bil3ax 7alataa ina khibel.. it wasnt boring kilish.. shy kan 3ax ow unpredictable ;p

Ms. D said...

ow 3al dreadlocks i thought the same.. bs ekteshaft ina kanat eltasre7a elmula2ima since mako shampoo ;p...

ow shift el3emyan khakarwat elfer3oon 3afya shkanaw y3aynoon? 7inna?

Your Mama Joe said...

fraud- period! crappy fraud at that

Peecola said...

the paintings are amazing. but i doubt the kid made it. who the hell are they kidding? the kid's parents are freaks. they mightve fooled the other bajillion who hailed the child "prodigy", but heck they cant fool me.

Anonymous said...

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