Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My 4year old Son's Mischief (Updated 11th Mar)

Update (11th Mar): This is an attempt to translate some of the Kuwaiti expressions so the non-arabic speakers don't miss 3abood's punchlines.

Story 1:

After he scattered all his toys and puzzle pieces all over the floor, finished playing with them, and got up quickly to vacate the area...

Me: 3abood, wain raye7 (where are you going?) ? ta3al (come) yalla pick up your things and put them back in the box.

3abood keeps walking straight as if he didn't hear me

Me: 3abdAlla!! la tsawe ro7ek matesma3. 3aib. (don't act like you didn't hear, its impolite)

3abood: inzaaaain... bs ana ta3baaan. Abe cake.

Story 2:

My 7 year old daughter is sitting on the sofa watching cartoons. She and 3abood always have this fight over the middle spot of the sofa that is directly infront of the screen. Even though the 2 other spots on its left and right are equally good. And being 3 years older, she usually gets her way.

3abood bursts into the room : 6ayooba! Pony tabeech! (Pony wants you)

6ayoba being the good obedient girl that she is, never ignores a summons, runs out the door to see what the maid wants in order to run back quickly so she misses the least amount possible of the show.

3abood (il'Ahbal) runs to the favorite sofa spot AS SOON AS his sister leaves it. Ya3ne en6er shway until she's out the door? nope, he didn't think that far ahead. He saw, he ran he grabbed.

6ab3an she saw that and immediately bumped him out of the sofa. You live, you learn.


Story 3:

6ayooba is changing her clothes in her room which she shares with her brother, and as she enters it calls out loudly:

6ayooba: Tara ana al7een ra7 abaddel! maabe a77ad yed5al o yshoof! (I'm going to change my clothes now, I don't want anyone to enter and see)

3abood who was totally oblivious in the living room and busy playing with something, immediately perks up his ears and is now alerted, RUNs to the door, which 6ayooba quickly tries to close... but too late, 3abood is now pushing it in, and she was pushing it out. A battle of the muscles, but 3abood being smaller just sits down and pushes with his legs.

3abood: Abe Ashoof!! (I want to See!)

Ya3ne lo sakta chan ma dara 3an hawa darha.. (literally) (if she had been silent, he wouldn't have been alerted)


Story 4:

3abood is sitting in the favorite sofa middle spot watching Thelvethter on MBC3. Metsammet o frowning, I'm not sure if he's enjoying it, but he sure is concentrating.

My wife: 3abood, wanna come with me awadeek Barroue in Avenues? (he pronounces it Ava.Noes) (wanna come with me to a playground at the mall?)

3abood keeps watching and 3aged innoona (furrowed brows) ignoring her. And an anvil falls on Sylvester (owww! Thuffren Thackatash)

My wife: 3aboooood, matabe tye ma3ai??? (don't you want to come with me?)

3abood: Inzaaaaaaaaaaaaain.. bs intai tsogeen. (fiiine, but you drive)

Me and my wife look at each other and then at him: E7lef!!!
Maskeen shakla he's too tired of 12 hours cross country driving.


G and L said...
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G and L said...

ya7lailhom so cute!!;) Alla y5aleehom lik:)

Shaymaa said...

Allah ykhaleehum likum inshallah!
So cute! I love how he reluctantly agreed to go to the "Ave-Noes" but preferred his mom to drive!

outkasty said...

LOOOOL!!! bas intay tsogeen hatha mosalsal bro7aa LOL

3asa allah yeballighkom feeehum ib-a7san 7aal inshallah

Amethyst said...

Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! Can I have him for a day?

Let him drive next time;p

Allah ykhalehum lek w ybalghek fehum inshallah:)

Big Pearls said...

cute kids, allah ya7feth'hom inshalla:)

Oranjina fadidra said...

what a long day... kids say the darnest things!

Ms. D said...

wallaaby challlumm!!!

ow 3ala 6arey ensarekh bilbet: "ana balbis ma7ad edish 3ley" aw "ana badish el7amam ma7ad edish" ya ima eser em3arak 3al bab aw yam3a 3nd bab el7amam 3ashan ee77iim yaboon esm3oon ;p

brown-suger said...

wa7alaat el 9bayaan waalaa =) hatha shakla bye6la3 niz'3a =D alla ya7fe'6a

FourMe said...

loooool 3abood is hilarious!! loved the cake comment.. he seems to throw in words just for the heck of it .. seriously he's tired from driving leave him alone lool...Alah ykhalehom lik.

Anonymous said...

lol story four just cracked me..he is so cute mashallah.

manutdfanatic said...

Lol! I didn't quite understand much of it, courtesy me not really being well-versed in Arabic, but...you have adorable children, Mashallah. =D

Hasan.B said...

LOOOOOL!! What wonderful kids you have! Ala ekhalehum likom!

falantan said...

Sorry all for the delay in response, it's been hectic with the 3aza and all.

g&l: Thank you, and welcome to the blog :)

shaymaa: thank you and welcome to the blog :) The funny thing is that he considers driving to be the coolest thing ever.. we're still not sure why he said that.

outkasty: mashkoora o Allah yarzegech o yarzeg ilkell inshalla

amethyst: he'll make you pull out your hair I assure you. 1 hour max.

big pearls: Thanks and welcome to the blog :)

oranjina fadidra: yes they do. They have the freshest perspective of all of us. and they don't even know it lol

Ms.D: lol, the funny thing is inna "eqthoo 7awa'ejkom belketman" lo sakta wayed a7sallaha.

brown-sugar: Thank you :) and yes we are already afraid of him. His opinion of his nursery teachers is based on which one is "7ilwa" :P Alla yaster.

fourme: Yes! me and my brother already decided we're going to make "Ta3baan, Abe Cake" t-shirts

amu: thanks o Alla yarzegek ameen :)

manutdfanatic: ouch! so you missed the punchlines >.< I'll try to re-edit the post inshalla and add some translations.

hasan.b: thanks and welcome to the blog :)

N. said...

loool!! Mashallah 3alehom, Allah e7fth-hom!

Fa6ma said...

LOL @ Abe Ashoof!! =D that was hilarious!! =D
Luv 4 year olds =)

manutdfanatic said...

Heheh. The last one's the cutest.

Thank you.

Kaileena said...

LOOOOOOOOL! I love kids like 3abood! Allah ykhalehum likum inshalla!