Friday, November 27, 2009

Please Watch Food Inc.

3eedkom Mbarak everyone.

Please watch this movie. It will open your eyes wide to some pretty horrific facts that affect you directly 3 times a day. (here's the u torrent client if you don't have one, install it first before you click on the movie link).

Sure at some times it is a bit too heavy on american sentimentality towards animal treatment, but most of the time it is very straight forward, logical and smart in its pacing and simplicity of presentation so we can understand the enormity of its implications.


brown-suger said...

im downloading it :D i;ll tell u what i think later

falantan said...

hey brown how are you?

I'd love to see your take on it.

brown-suger said...

wow.. what a documentary.. what an amazing film.. i love it how it indicates that we're really and truly kept on the dark side.. it really took the veil from my eyes.. i always go to the supermarket, and see all those organic food.. i'd complain about how expensive they are.. i shall complain no more.. now i know why its expensive.. and they'll be worth the money,, for my health's sake and their business sake as well.. thanks !!

falantan said...

hey glad you liked it brown.

the bit about that genetically modified soy seed company Monsanto I think its name was, that bit was the most terrifying for me. being able to tyrannically control mere farmers in the supposedly most democratic country in the world in that oppressive manner says volumes sara7a.

farmers for thousands of years collected seeds from their crops for the next sowing.. and this most basic practice is now "against the law"!! simply because the seed genetic code is patented!!

in the movie they claim that we CAN produce AS much food with organic methods.. but I'm skeptic about that. I agree that SOME organic practices CAN be mixed in with the current high yielding methods to make our food better (like when the guy said letting the cows eat grass once a week or so in between the corn is enough to clean their stomachs), and still maintain the same production levels.

But I also think that a big part of why we produce food this way is because we have to. otherwise people may go hungry.

food is a basic need and only the rich can play with organic choices. the majority of people have to eat what's readily available, mo 3ala kaifhom lil'asaf.

I don't know if I'm wrong, I hope I am.