Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday I Was Happy :)

Yesterday was the milcha (official marriage) of one of my close work friends (Bojacob) to my cousin.

Seeing them happy made me happy, and I hope to God they make each other happy for the rest of their lives =)

What's up with the "mini 3ers" that happens at the milcha?? I thought that was too much honestly. There was a mini-koosha too.

My mom, my aunts and sisters were.. almost un-recognizable. Even Um-Jacque came to visit from the U.S.!! she's almost 90 I think. She played with me when I was about 1 year old in Florida. She can't get enough of Kuwaiti culture. All her daughters and granddaughters call her "Yuma" :)

My daughter Taiba (8 yo) surprised everyone with her dancing!! she danced so much she ended up sitting in the middle of the floor from tiredness lol

Mabrook Bojacob and mabrook cuz. I'm truly happy for you two.


Smart-y said...

mashallah, b al embaraak!! ;)
oo enshallah y3ishon happy ever after!

oo hehe 3la 6aiba.. i guess kant 7dha cute ;p

sadia said...

awww....that's cute! congratualtions to all!! may allah bless their marriage and may they all be happy together...ameen!

taiba sounds like a cute. mashallah 3layha

ZoN said...

mabrokeen.. allah ywafiqhom enshallah

mjkout said...

MAbrokeeen inshallaah

wo 3ash el kha6aba Falantan :P