Thursday, December 18, 2008

Until further notice...

This blog is inactive starting today inshalla.

Thanks for reading :)


sadia said...

oh that's sad.
your's is one of the better blogs around!

you will be missed!

mjkout said...

Sad about me leaving you ? GET OVER IT :P

Yara said...

Oh :( For how long? Take care and be back soon :)

PaLoMiNo said...


Just wana keep u updated... Maybe u already know bas maykhalef:)

My friend just came back from the states o her dr hnaak emkalm her dr hnee o etfqaw ymshoonha 3ala dowa esma Rituxan/mabthera...

mabthera is used 7aleeyan to treat cancer and also for Rheumatoid arthritis o il new indication is MS!
dowa 3ajeeb...

ba36eek HW ;p
U have a lot of reading to do :)

check these out:

awal shy This amazing power point presentation, wayed clear o wath7a o simple:

el7een ngdar nblsh ngra more complicated stuff ;)

here finally is a study that was carried out: