Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Rockband Ghabga

So last night, me on bass guitar (on easy, easiest thing ever), Bojacob on drums (hard, he does amazing guitar on expert too! bs marrat mwahhegna, 3ade), and fad on medium guitar (he doesn't have a blog, that I know of atleast :P), and MJKout bailed on us (must be from the prospect of doing vocals!), we got together for our newly established weekly Rockband night.

We came across this piece and really loved it, here's a Youtube video of a MUCH better band:

They're called COHEED and CAMBRIA, weird name I know.. and I checked some of their other songs, didn't like their extreme hardrock muscle flexing, but a "few" of their songs did catch my eye:

like this one: A Favor House Atlantic (the embed was diabled here :P)

What's weird is their lyrics all tell one continuous story written by their lead singer Claudio Sanchez, in the form of a comic book:
Most of the songs we get to play on Rockband aren't on the same wavelength to what I like, but sometimes I get pleasantly surprised! Now I have to check their albums ^^... ok.. right in between the time I spend between Rmuthan schedule, reading some daily Qur'an, playing with Zayona, playing some SPORE , playing my weekly Dungeons & Dragons session... and so on :P


Anonymous said...

Rockband Ghabga sounds fun! It has a ring to it!

I demand more posts!

Smarties said...

wanassaaa sounds fun el 9ara7a!
aby a6q e6bool! (drums!!) madree laish a7s wanasa a6ale3 kel ely eb chabdy lama a6eq bl drums! ;P

w t3aaal, enta b3d Spore"ing"!!! shaklha hal le3ba edman :D
and allah ye5aleelek zayouna :)

falantan said...

its alot of fun once you start knowing the songs and get into their groove, instead of just trying to "hunt the notes".

hehe I tried drums a little.. its not easy walla. it can get pretty physical and by the end t3arreg. also there's a foot pedal which you have to use, the whole thing was too confusing for me.

and yeah I was waiting for Spore since I saw its presentation at the E3 3 years ago. it looked waaay too ambitious then, and it IS too ambitious now, the creature creator (which you can get for free now) is a technical achievement by itself, there's even a very funny video on youtube showing Robin Williams using it for the 1st time to create a creature. hilarious :)

but the game itself, I wouldn't really rave about it. mo thak ezzod.

manutdfanatic said...

Spore? Haha!

eshda3wa said...


i wanna listen to something u guys played

falantan said...

yeah, its a sort of "evolution" game, you start with a single cell ameoba and end up terraforming plants.. can't beat that :P

we played the song in the 1st youtube video "Welcome Home", among many others. we don't REALLY play anything we just follow the notes, it's like karaoke but for a full band.

Anonymous said...

forming a band is a great idea, even if it was for fun only..
im not a big fan of rock.. i find it full of anger and loud music.. with some exceptions :P

M. J. Kout said...

i was eating rice with the angels dude, forgot that Fad called me thought it was a dream + i need to get get some credit with god this month. and yeah i hate vocals.

hope to make it next meeting ;) and u are singing.

Big Pearls said...

sounds like fun.