Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love This Man

I came across this video on Youtube and it really touched me. His honesty about his personal suffering and his journey from being born into a Roman Catholic family, then Athiesm, and finally into Islam just made me tear up. His name is Dr. Jeffrey Lang:

He's a math professor in Kansas State University, he became muslim when he was 28 back in the 80's. He wrote 3 books:

Losing My Religion: A Call for Help
Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America
Struggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam

And seems to give regular speeches about Islam all over the US. Allah ebarek feh mashallah. It's 17 10-minute parts, and in this particular part he talks about his first encounter with the Qur'an. I ended up watching all the parts and becoming deeply intimate with his inner struggle and journey towards faith. I hope this fondness I feel for him right now is what is called "al-7ob fellah" or "love in God". To love another person for no other reason than that he loves God.


brown-suger said...

woow.. mashala 3alaih.. ^_^ alla ethabtaa yarabi..

;) nice to hear from u again.. e5tifait

falantan said...

wow, thanks for checking in so often. you make me feel guilty that I haven't been posting.

Smarties said...

I didnt watch the youtube video yet, bs I googled him tawny, wala woow! eb wikipedia maktoub 3ana (he married a Saudi) w his lectures are available online!

mashallah 3leeh, allah yehaneh! m3a kel ely 9ar in last 10 years, zain ena feh lil7een nas etshof el Islam eb 6areqa 9a7!

welcome falantan, w I'm glad to see that u're still blogging! :) ma nesetna ;P
I'm surprised el 9ara7a!!

P-Ella said...

he did an excellent job and may god always be with him:)
worth to watch and thnx :D

manutdfanatic said...


Uturni said...

I knew Dr. Lang personally (I studies at Kansas, and first met him in the local mosque). I was ecstatic to be reminded of him from your blog. He was a very open minded liberal muslim and an example to be set for a muslim convert as opposed to the comic-character converts with sudden beards and short dress and a fake arabic name.

I remember him once giving the Jum3a speech, but it never occurred again despite it being the most unconventional and most interesting jum3a speech i ever listened to. I guess it did not appeal to the Arab muslims who headed the mosque then.