Friday, February 12, 2010

Who do You Subscribe to on Youtube?

Here are a few of my favorite Youtube channels:

By far the coolest guy on Youtube these days for me is Joe Penna (AKA Mystery Guitar Man, MGM for short) famous for this one:

The 6ag erguba he does at 1:26 is smile-enducing. going strong approaching 6 million views.

And last one he did here is also creative and amazing:

The amount of patience this dude has in his editing makes me just scratch my head.

He also directed this movie for RhettandLink:

just.. so.. good.. I'm thinking of buying one of those t-shirts to be part of the whole experience.

And other channels I follow are the witty and funny Natalie (AKA communitychannel)

Also Brandon Hardesty (AKA ArtieTSMITW) some pretty funny and good movie re-enactments:

This guy Tobuscus is also funny, spoofing Farmville!


FourMe said...

Farmville dude is hilarious!

falantan said...

Yes I like Toby too ^^

check out his channel his other stuff is pretty off hand and fresh too