Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His Voice Tore My Heart Out

I 1st heard his voice talking to BBC's Lucy Ash last Thursday, he was afraid for his children. This morning I heard him again on BBC, his voice barely sustained, his sobbing unstoppable, three of his daughters and a niece killed in their room by a tank shell slamming into their building. This happened Friday, the exact next day after the 1st interview I heard.

This is the full heart-wrenching story from BBC's Lucy Ash:
Gaza doctor's loss grips Israelis

He used to work in Israeli hospitals helping jewish mothers deliver their babies. He's been an activist for peace. And during the 21 days of bombing he's been a frequent face of Palestinian suffering on Israeli TV, and 1 day before the cease-fire his tragedy is as we speak shocking Israelis to their core, and forcing them to question what they did to Gaza.

This is the same story reported by Haaretz:
Israeli-trained Gaza doctor loses three daughters and niece to IDF tank shell

And now all he could muster was a cry of impaling pain "Why did my daughters die?". I ask of Allah to give him the faith to endure this and hope for God's reward.

Only a couple of days ago I got a call from my wife that my 4.5 yo son ran infront of a large Yukon at the co-op and got his foot wedged under the tyre before the driver managed to stop the car quickly and the tyre didn't go over my son's foot. il7amdellah alf. Thankfully his foot didn't have any breaks, just a minor injury to the muscle and it swelled.

The point is, when I first heard it on the phone, I was silent for about maybe 5-10 seconds, then was able to ask where they were, and that I'm going to follow them to al-Razi hospital. I guess those blank seconds had my head filled with fears of what might be wrong with his foot, and if the injury is going to ruin his foot permanently or not. and so on of the many fears a parent might have for his child.

It only occured to me to thank God later. Maybe 1 hour later. And I don't mean only thank Allah that his injury wasn't any worse (God forbid), but I mean actually accept the bad and thank Allah for it. because even the bad things than happen to us can be good things if we thank Allah and be patient.

I truly regret that I wasn't able to come to my senses on the spot, and consider how minor this event was. and consider how this doctor lost three of his eldest daughters in a single moment. I really ask of God never to place me a in a moment of enormous test like this one without me being ready to accept it and be thankful for it.

Yalla la teblana.


sadia said...

i hope no one has to be in the same spot as that doctor. losing a loved one is bad enough, let alone losing so many, all at once. he must've been shattered. the images on palestinians losing their entire families are heartbreaking. we can only imagine how that must feel...if i were in their position, i would probably just lose my senses and emotions - go into denial i suppose.

but ALLAH (SWT) does not test us more than we can bear. May ALLAH give all those in similar positions SUBR.

being grateful to ALLAH in the "bad" times is really tricky. something i need to work on. must remember that everything happens for the best. must remember the transient nature of this life and that it's only a test. ALLAH tests those whom HE loves the most...must also look at those who are in a worst situation than us.

being grateful to ALLAH, come what may and still remain optimistic and hopeful and putting utmost trust in HIM and HIS POWER and MERCY shows true faith.

may ALLAH (SWT), the BEST of PROVIDERS, MASTER of yawm al qiyyamah, bless us with the best of things in this life and the next and make our test easy, and save us from harm in this life and also the next...peace be upon HIS messenger muhammad(S A A W)...ameen

Manutdfanatic said...

Loved the second-last paragraph; lots of wisdom there. I'm going to be thinking over this for a while, it seems.

Thank you.

Yara said...

im speechless.. Allah yhawen 3alaih.. im not even going to try to imagine something happening to my kids.. i just cant.. Allah ya7fe'6hom o ya7res-hom... whatever happens, Allah katba mn gabel alaaaf elsenen

once my son swallowed the soap from the toy that makes bubbles, i cried more than him! Allah y3eeni

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