Friday, May 23, 2008

The Rules of the Game p.4 + 3laiwi

Thank you all who prayed for Ali, his operation went well last Monday and just now I got the message that he's being moved from the ICU to the observation room. Yippeee!

May Allah reward your prayers with Jannat inna3eem ya rab, and save you in your direst of needs inshalla.


The Rules of the Game, featuring:

The Iron Rule: Do Unto Others As You Like, Before They Do It Unto You.

Here, the rule goes back to the basics, which is to fulfill your own needs, period. The application of this rule is widespread and very appealing, simply because it offers immediate gratification. You don't have to wait for judgment day or wait for the social system to go through its cycle and reward you God knows when.

You like something, you take it, you are happy, now.

This doesn't mean that followers of this rule are savages, they can be cunning snakes as well, waiting to make sure that they can get away with their crimes before committing them. Which is simply another form of following the same rule, because if they get caught, they will get punished, they will be unhappy, also now.

So its the rule of the jungle, so to speak. And here its also interesting to note that low morality is again associated with stupidity (jungle rules = animal rules).

To expect society to reward you for following the Golden or Silver rules can be misleading, you simply may wait and wait and never get rewarded.

So I claim that only by expecting your reward to come in the form of eternal bliss in heaven can you truly be able to follow the good rules. And if you don't think that heaven is real, or even hell, then I can't imagine why you'd follow anything other than the Iron rule.

I believe that "being good" can only be realized by the fear and love of God.

No amount of democratization, no amount of "secular application of the law" (the law mostly coming from God anyway) can ever make sure that we will be moral people. If you expect your reward for being a "good man/woman" to come from anyone other than Allah, then you'll be disappointed.

Next in this series: The Tin Rule. <= really good one, don't miss it :)


Danah said...

7amdilla 3ala salamat 3ali. Ajer o 3afia. o inshalla ygoom bissalamah o yrid 3aleek "jeen amdella" :)

regarding the rule, it's amazing how popular it is ! it's gotten more popular after el-ghazo (if u know what I mean). this philosophy is what got my little lovely country in such a big mess nowadays.

Bad Rule..
Bad Rule..


I don't wanna sound like a pessimist.

El7amdillah 3ala kil 7al

Smarties said...

awal shasi, el 7imdallah 3ala el salama!

thany shai, I really respect you! (met2ather bl post ely qabl hathy) bs 9j ely qelta is the truth :) (3ad etha el truth awful shensawy b3d!) ma lenna ela to respect it!

finally, i really like ur "rules of the game" posts!! bs ana ma ashof nafsy eb wa7d menhoum bs! I see my self in all of them. I dont know how to explain it, kel part jez2 mn sha59ity w ta3muly m3a el nas :)

ma aqdar amshy 3ala wa7d bs m3a kel el nas! people are individuals, each one of them is treated differently.

w 9ba7 el 5air < tawny qa3d!

falantan said...

danah: Ahlan sis nawarti ilblog.
o the Iron Rule is nothing new. it always exists where there's no fear of God.

the interesting thing is that some atheists argue that they can still be "good" without having faith. and I wonder about that because:
1- What would drive them to be good?
2- Where would they derive their definition of good? who says this is good or not?

smarties: Allah ysalmek o y3afek 7abebna :)
o hatha min 6ebek o karamek a5i il3azeez.
And ofcourse we all go back and forth between how good or evil we are. I always think of it as a spectrum rather than two separate states. The more good you do, the more good you are. and vice versa.
I don't like labeling people as one way or the other then setting them to different standards when they do something wrong, example:
when a known-religious guy slips and drinks alcohol, and another guy who's an alcoholic goes and drinks, most people tell me they think the dayyen is more evil because he switched from good to evil, while the alcoholic simply stayed constant.
I disagree, I think they both did something bad. that's it. I can't compare them without knowing all their past history, but according to this single act, they're both equally bad.

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